Rival5 Dice

An Easy to Learn, Quick to Play Number game for 2-6 Players


–RIVAL 5 is a “smart” game that is superbly fun to play. Families reported that the replay factor was off the charts. Each time was a different experience and just as much fun as the last. – The National Parenting Center

–It’s a good game. All the guys like it. Emerson – retiree

–I would definitely play it again – was lots of fun. Destiny – Age 13

–This game is a lot of fun. You have to think hard sometimes to figure out a good number. Blake – Age 15

–I would play it again. It was fun. Brianna – Age 11

Rival 5 sharpens math skills for young and old alike.  Educational and fun at the same time.  I recommend this for every homeschool family to fine tune math computation skills.  It truly is an amazing game!

–Leana W.

Rival 5 is a great game. . .fun and educational!

–Linda Z.

Rival 5 is so much fun, that children and adults alike will forget that they are learning. I have been an educator for almost 30 years, and I know a great learning tool when I see one!  It’s a great supplement to textbooks, and great for students who struggle with learning math.  In addition, Rival 5 is a great game to play at home with family and friends.  Players will spend hours competing while learning and reinforcing mathematic skills.

–Dr. Rose Ford Retired Principal School District of Philadelphia


I love this game. I can even get my 14 year old math averse son to play.


Absolutely fun game!! My daughters didn’t want to stop.

–Renee M.

Fun – created situations that require critical thinking – strategical game like chess – requiring thought to moves ahead.


This game is cool – makes you challenge yourself and your opponents – would recommend it for everyone, and I would play again.


Benefits students who are learning computational skills – many different choices – develops creative thinking.


It helps with your math skills and is fun at the same time.


The first time I played RIVAL 5 I fell in love with it because it made me a lot better in math.


I found this game to be interesting, fun learning, mind catching, and tricky at the same time.


The game is thought provoking.


Absolutely captivating. Kept me constantly thinking – want to play again.


Really works your brain.


Four levels of skill allows for progression, math extension and gives players a sense of accomplishment as they progress.


This game is very fun and educational at the same time. If someone is having difficulty with math, this is the perfect game. The game really puts your mind to work, while also having a good time.


Fun! Good exercise for the brain.


This game is very fun, educational and beneficial for all ages. Keeps you thinking on your feet while sharpening your math skills at the same time. Give it an A+.


This game is addictive.

–Jack – Age 12

Before I started playing I thought it would be boring because it had to do with math. After I played it, it was fun. I would play it again.

–Cameron – Age 11

At first I did not want to play it at all. I do not like math. But this game is way more fun than I thought it would be. I would play this game pretty often. It is a good game.

–Jessica – Age 10

Why do math haters love it?

Four levels of skill allows for progression, math extension and gives players a sense of accomplishment as they progress.


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