Rival5 Dice

An Easy to Learn, Quick to Play Number game for 2-6 Players


Game History

Helping students learn while having fun

RIVAL 5 was designed in the summer of 2015 by an adult education teacher in a state prison near Philadelphia. The teacher prayed that God would show her how to develop a game that would help students learn basic computational skills, while having fun. She began tossing two polyhedral dice, then added a third, and with an array of numbers and a few basic rules, a game was designed. College level inmates began playing competitively with the students and quickly became addicted to the game. Because RIVAL 5 is a game of strategy, skill and chance, academically challenged learners can win against college students, increasing the fun. RIVAL 5 was published in 2017 and is enjoyed by children and adults.

Putting America to Work

RIVAL 5 was assembled by Vision Corps, employing legally blind adults. In addition, special needs adults packaged the game pieces in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. RIVAL 5 is made in the United States of America except for the chips and dice which are unavailable in the USA.

Why do math haters love it?

Rival 5 sharpens math skills for young and old alike.  Educational and fun at the same time.  I recommend this for every homeschool family to fine tune math computation skills.  It truly is an amazing game!

–Leana W.

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