Rival5 Dice

An Easy to Learn, Quick to Play Number game for 2-6 Players


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Rival5 Board Game

Rival 5 A Game of Strategy, Skill, and Chance

For Ages 9-99

RIVAL 5 was designed by a teacher in a classroom of adult learners for the purpose of refining their basic computational skills. Both children and adults love this brain training game of strategy, skill and chance for ages 9-99. The game is simplistic but challenging. It uses 12 sided dice and players compete to creatively manipulate numbers 0 – 12 to align their chips while blocking their opponents. Surprisingly, both math lovers and math haters love this game.

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Why do math haters love it?

The first time I played RIVAL 5 I fell in love with it because it made me a lot better in math.


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